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We believe that respect for the natural environment is fundamental and we are constantly investing in the technological upgrades of our industrial plants with the commitment to develop new environmental practices in order to obtain the best performance in a sustainable way.

Natural environmental objectives and goals include reuse of water, adequate storage and disposal of waste generated, selective collection, evaluation of environmental suppliers, rational use of natural resources, emergency response program in case of waste leaks, Chemicals and explosions, the identification and treatment of environmental aspects and impacts.

We have been certified in the ISO 14001 standard, since it shows compliance with environmental legislation, the search for continuous improvement, commitment of employees, commitment to non-generation, minimization and waste management.

In addition, all our units follow a set of strict practices in line with ISO 14001, defined by the Natural Environmental Management System . The Natural Environmental Management System evaluates all our activities from the environmental point of view, from the receipt of the raw material to the delivery of the final product, including the recycling of co-product.


We believe that the strengthening of society is fundamental for the growth of our business and for the development of the regions in which we operate.   The formation of citizens who are aware and concerned about the community where they are inserted is our great concern and for this reason, we seek to generate value for the community and society as a whole. We support social responsibility projects aimed at meeting the demands of the surrounding communities and these programs favor community development and provide the means for the beneficiaries to be agents of change. Get to know the projects supported by ADERE


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