Founded in 1967, today ADERE is the largest country-owned company in the manufacture of adhesive tapes in Brazil.

In the second semester of 2005, ADERE opened a new plant in Sumaré, countryside of the state of São Paulo. The plant has 174,000 m2 and is strategically located in an area with complete infrastructure, next to highways, railroads and an airport.

The new plant's design invests in the logistical aspects of receiving, processing and shipping goods, following an intelligent flow. Everything was created according to strict standards, meeting the requirements of the current laws. The plant has an efficient natural ventilation system, in addition to tanks and piping above surface, offering no risk to soil contamination whatsoever.

In addition to the Plant in Sumaré, ADERE currently has a Branch in the Northeast Region (Recife, PE), as well as one in the South Region (Novo Hamburgo, RS), which is specific for the footwear segment.

ASSURED QUALITY: ADERE was the first 100% Brazilian adhesive tape company to be granted with ISO 9001.

The certification confirms that ADERE has a management system that observes the requirements set forth by the standards, in addition to the system capability to meet the applicable requirements regarding its products and services.

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Our products are marketed in more than ten countries in Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania.

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